Alex Kleuser

3D Animator

     Alex is a work-oriented 3D Animator that has thrived on films, commercials, and forensic analysis. Alex worked as a 3D Generalist on character modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering, and even voice acted and animated three major characters in the hit film, 8 Second Dance. His creative contributions to the film have already won Best Animation in several 2012 international film festivals. In March of 2012, Alex was contract to generate a 3D zookeeper character to promote events for The Butterfly Pavilion. Since his TV commercials aired, they have experienced record breaking ticket sales and are generating more capital gain than ever before in their 17 years of business. Alex is a master of Maya, After Effects, Zbrush and Photoshop.

     Google defines animation as the act of living or the state of being alive. Animators must understand that life defines animation, but also that animation can be used to define life. It captures life with interesting characters, action and emotion in a way that a live action camera cannot. Alex uses animation to share his experiences and be a positive influence and addition to our culture. He started college studying physics, but animation has taught him far more about the world and the way life works than a physics degree ever could have.